The Modern Rapunzel

Natural Secrets for Ending Hair Loss
(and Other Miracles)

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"This book is the owner’s manual for helping women repair their hair and themselves." – FF, Master of Nutrition and Health Counseling


Many years ago I lost over half my head of hair. My shower drain was clogged with an alarming amount of fallen hair and my brush looked like a little matted wig. I was panicked to put it mildly.

For an extended period of time prior to that, my hair was lifeless, thin and wouldn’t grow. I wondered what was wrong that I couldn’t grow a thick, beautiful head of hair.

I took it upon myself to find the answers. I refused to go the toxic chemical “cure” route as I was (and still am) chemically-sensitive.

What makes this book unique is that I lived through the nightmares of hair loss, of thin, unhealthy and damaged hair. I came through it shining and still have a thick, gorgeous head of hair to this day.

I’m now passing my hard-won knowledge on to you in The Modern Rapunzel.

Would you like to know?

  • The time-tested techniques on how to stop your hair from falling out and grow it back naturally?
  • The little-known ways of how to create the head of hair you want without resorting to drugs, surgery or chemically-based products?
  • The actions to take to help your hair grow longer, faster and thicker? (Hint – it’s not a supplement.)
  • What natural, inexpensive hair and skin products exist that will serve you for a lifetime?
  • How to deal with hair loss due to stress?
  • How to get rid of wrinkles?

You will learn all of the above and much more.

If your hair is falling out, dry, damaged or lifeless, you are not to blame. You have not been given the real reasons for hair loss and damaged hair! The real reasons and their natural remedies will surprise and make complete sense to you in this 246-page easy-to-read book. Every page enlightens you on how to grow the head of hair you want, naturally.

Success Stories / Testimonials

“Jeanne, you are my Hairy Godmother!

“I’ve tried every product on the market from expensive hair thickeners to conditioners and went to drastic measures and had hair extensions. The combination of these simple and inexpensive remedies has already made a drastic difference in the texture of my hair! You might not believe me, but in just three weeks the new growth is at least four times thicker! My new hair is not limp or lifeless either! It is wavy and lush!” ~~ KR

“In the first 3-4 months I had a round of new hair growth which is now long enough where it blends into the rest of my hair. The hair next to my scalp is the thickest it’s been in years. One month later: My hair grew 3/4 of an inch in less than a month last month! I think it may grow an inch this month! Can you believe it? It used to grow less than a quarter of an inch each month. You are helping me make a dream come true.” ~~ MS


“My intuition was confirmed that African-American hair could be grown long, could be healthy and there were reasons why it wasn’t like it should be. I found such basic, simple but very, very true information in Jeanne’s book that made sense about why hair is the way it is and how one can do something about it right now – with no delay – not waiting weeks and weeks and weeks. It was very magical. I had some trouble with thinning spots of hair and this has started to thicken and improve with the procedures. Voila – there are results.” ~~ AS

“Your book saved me 40 years of research into health and beauty, so a big thanks! In my practice, I work with patients to achieve the kind of truth and empowerment that is the core of what your book is about. Thank you again for your beautiful insights and generous spirit. Gratefully,” ~~ SW, Doctor of Osteopathy

“Finally, something easy enough for me to be able to do! I can now not only tell a difference in the feel of my hair but in the thickness. It’s growing better and faster than it has ever done before. I love it!!! I can’t say enough good things about you and your book. Thank you!!!” ~~ DA

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