Hair Consultations

Hair Consultations  

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“Talking with Jeanne was extremely enlightening and a lot got covered in the conversation very concisely so I knew exactly what my plan of action was going to be. The overall feeling was one of relief – especially when it became clear to me that I did not need to pay attention to the pseudo-science out there promoting chemical hair solutions to what they call ‘female pattern balding’ and how this is an irreversible genetic condition. This view never rang true to me and, after talking to Jeanne, I am now convinced that my original feeling was right all along. The body has all it needs to get back to 100% vibrant health and this is inevitably reflected in your hair and your skin. It then becomes very simple.” ~~ SW

“The most wonderfully liberating experience was having a one-to-one session with Jeanne. This woman brought tears to my eyes because her affection, devotion and delight in wanting to help me shone through as the purest of intentions.

I am so grateful that I have found Jeanne and I guarantee any woman who follows her guidance will find herself with a glorious head of hair and the pure joy of rediscovering the essence of the woman she really is.” ~~ Leesa Khalid from Bangladesh

Would you like to receive a personalized, comprehensive hair consultation from me?

If this is something you are interested in, fill out and send me the contact email form below. Once I receive it, these are the steps we will follow:

  1. I will send you an email questionnaire consisting of 28 questions to answer and send back to me.
  2. I then go over your answers before we talk so I know what direction to take to help you with your hair situation.
  3. We set up a time to speak over the phone. The consultation takes 1 to 1 ½ hours for a $75 flat fee.

Your primary issues, questions and concerns are addressed and answered until you’re fully satisfied we have taken up everything you have your attention on.

By the end of the call you will have an individualized program to follow.

It’s best to have read the whole book before we do our consultation as you will then be clear on specific questions to ask (click here to purchase the book).

One-for-one, every woman I’ve consulted experiences great relief and genuine hope that something can now be done! And once she starts implementing the program, she has results!

Also let me know if you want me to send you Consultation Success Stories.

To your health and beauty, with love,

Jeanne Powers

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