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Jeanne Powers, motivational speaker and Personal Empowerment Coach for natural healthcare professionals, takes her readers in The Modern Rapunzel on an unexpected journey of personal, real-life stories any women can relate to; stories that illustrate the subject of how to have thick, gorgeous hair.

These revealing stories and information reach the hearts and realities of the readers, showing how a woman can take control of her beauty.

The Essence of this book speaks to each woman on a personal level. Jeanne’s openness allows her readers to know her personally. This is an intimate communication from Jeanne to each woman through speaking her heart: inspirational words and passion for each woman to become who she truly is as the beauty of mankind.

In Jeanne’s own words:

"My purpose for writing this book is to provide women with natural, safe and effective solutions for the problems we face with our hair. As hair is so intimate to us and affects our sense of well-being so strongly, if I am able to help women remove the barriers to being able to shine as the unique and special individuals they are then I will have fulfilled that purpose. Whatever I can do to assist women by facilitating their personal transformation from introversion to shining self-confidence, I will do."

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