Slant Boards

Slant Boards

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“In my opinion, slant boards are the most effective anti-aging product ever invented. Use of a slant board helps restore a full head of hair in a simple and relaxing way. By reversing gravity, circulation and nutrition are brought to your scalp. Combined with the scalp massage procedure outlined in my book, the follicles open up, allowing new and old hairs to break through, permitting vital nutrients to feed the follicles to grow new hairs.” ~~ Jeanne Powers

Getting Gravity to Work  for You

Compensating for gravity’s pull on the human body with the aid of the modern AirSlant is safe and comfortable for everyone.

The natural tilt of the AirSlant  lets the Law of Gravity work for you, instead of against you. For people who are on their feet or sitting in chairs for long periods of time, the relief of calmly resting on the AirSlant  is inexpressible.

Only by laying on the AirSlant  with your head 14 to 16 inches lower than your feet, can you personally know the positive effects from THE AIRSLANT.

AirSlant – $130 + free shipping

Information about the AirSlant:

  • 14 to 16 inch slant inversion height, depending on how high you want to inflate it.
  • Quality material and construction. Odorless and free of harmful phthalates and PVC.
  • Made of environmentally friendly TPU. TPU is more abrasion resistant, durable, and lighter than PVC.
  • Velvet non-slip top / smooth bottom.
  • Portable with carrying case.
  • Easy to inflate with built-in pump, and deflate with air release valve.
  • Includes a 1 year warranty on material & craftsmanship.

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