Hair Be There

Hair Be There 

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I have used both Hair Be There Shampoo and Hair Be There Nightly Scalp Oil to great results for some thinning around where I part my hair. After a week or so, I noticed fine hairs starting to appear. With continued and regular use, the hair in that area has filled in.

It is important to follow the directions to get the best results.

Hair Be There products are highly concentrated. Your bottles may last far longer than you’d expect. The inventor formulated these herself with the highest quality natural and organic ingredients and she added no fillers to make them less expensive. Like me, you’ll find them worth every penny.

Hair Follicle Detoxification Shampoo & Oil

Hair Be There Shampoo is half of a program to help restore the hair and scalp to thriving health. The companion product is Hair Be There Nightly Scalp Oil. Use both products as the most complete approach to naturally dealing with the situation.

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Available Products and Prices

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Available Products and Prices

  • Small Shampoo (4 oz) – $15.50
  • Medium Shampoo (8 oz) – $27.75
  • Large Shampoo (16 oz) – $48.97
  • Nightly Scalp Oil – $19.75
  • Small Shampoo & Oil – $35.25
  • Medium Shampoo & Oil – $47.50
  • Large Shampoo & Oil – $68.72

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